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could visit us later this evening. we will keep an eye on that and see how it develops. it will taper off and temperature is settling into a 70's. >> it was a wildfire that tok firefighters to control. >> they made an interesting discovery. >> state forestry officials say the cause of this fire was a discarded flammable substance that was found near, of all places, what is being described as a mallet grill redella pepper. sheriff's deputy is are investigating. it was june 24 when wild fires
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scorched dozens of makers and threatened homes. >> they came to all the houses along here and ask us to evacuate. >> one month later, state forestry officials say even though the fire is smoldering areas, and -- not common. >> the fire is controlled and contained. we have a very secure fireline and around it and we do not anticipate any escapes or problems. >> the story surrounding this fire has switched years. we have learned that while forestry officials were investigating the cause, he made a startling discovery. several marijuana plants out in the open near where they found evidence of a discarded flammable material. >> our investigators were out there and determined the source of ignition was close to a marijuana patch and they turned over to the county police to
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follow on the criminal side. >> they had removed six or seven of growing plants and a couple dozen other plants have been burned. >> the office describes it as a basic small grove. something that is fairly common in rural areas on the eastern shore. >> when corn is growing, you will find some in cornfields. it is not uncommon. >> the sheriff's office says it will step but air surveillance to see if there are a team of their areas. the queen and's ships county office says there was enough found that whomever they charge will face a felony and say that plans that were found have been destroyed. anyone with information is asked to call for 10-758-tips. we are live in queen anne's county.
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police drug enforcement and officers from swat found a large amount of drugs, guns, and cash. this was a long west washington street. a resident was arrested and charged with intent to distribute. robert taylor on pleasant street was arrested. they confiscated $45,000, several hundred grams of illegal drugs, and stolen handgun. >> police arrest a man for impersonating an officer. joshua jones identified himself as a member of the sheriff's office to a woman. when he said he was there to serve a warrant and asked for her dress, she became suspicious and took down his license plate number. he was taken into custody a
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short time later. >> a sign the economy continues to rebound. home sales are increasing. the governor and the state housing secretary credit that to new state initiatives. david collins joins us from city housing. >> the state offers several low- interest loans and assistant down payment programs. economists see it boils down to more demand and less supply. home sales are trending up according to real estate data across the state. baltimore city is saying the biggest gains in value. prices have increased more than 46%. quex in as good news for all of us whether we own a home or not. it is good news for our jobs and good news for our economy. >> the governor's housing secretary and a city
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commissioner credited statewide initiatives. they did it in front of the east baltimore home of brandyon lurie. >> things are headed in the right direction. >> the new state initiatives including 1% interest. the targeted areas initiative offers a 2.8% cite rate. -- 2.8% rate. >> taking actions we know will work to protect and promote home ownership. >> the upward trend also boils down to more demand for houses and less supply. as homeowners poorhouses of the market to rent them. >> we're seeing a pullback and the supply of housing that forces people who would like to
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buy a house to be not so much a buyer's market for -- but perhaps a seller's market. >> the state received more economic it is this afternoon. all three bond rating agencies have affirmed the state posey aaa rating. state can save millions -- the state can save millions. latest chapter is planning out publicly as george zimmerman gives an interview to sean lavehannity. >> we have a closer look. >> it is months before a murder
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trial. an interview on "hannity" has george zimmerman making his case. >> i am not a racist and i am not murder. prexy had no regard for drawn -- trevon's life. >> he said he had no choice. >> easter bashing my head into the concrete sidewalk. >> then allegedly tried to kill them as they wrestled for the gun. >> george zimmerman said there were fighting over the gun. there are no witnesses to say there were fighting. george tillemann is here to tell his story. trayvon martin is dead. >> he said he was sorry for their loss. when asked if he would change anything about that night, he said no.
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>> it is god's plan and for me to second-guess it or judge said. mother called that ridiculous. >> strong and clearly painful words as both sides plan for what is sure to be a controversial and emotional legal fight. >> a local university has found a way to keep more of its students from dropping out of school. rex morgan state is taking a more aggressive and personal approach. how is this new approach going? >> they will be the first to tell you more needs to be done. this has been a growing concern especially from historically black colleges. students began the first year by failed to reach graduation.
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meet members of the class of 2016. they are part of a program to prepare them for the start of their freshman year at a graduation. >> people get caught up into college life. people need to take time off and do their schoolwork and go to the library, do some tutoring. >> some are forced to drive out over a lack of money. 67% of students reach their second year but recently the numbers have moved up to 72%. >> the resources are here but a lot of times students do not come to us. quex the retention office says the school has become aggressive in going after first-year students. >> we call students and contact them individually to follow up with their midterm grades, their final grades, and especially to make sure if they're struggling
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with their bill. we help them to navigate the financial aid process. >> the extra help is paying off. >> we have more tutors and the teachers are willing to help and extend office hours. they're willing to help. >> the towering health-care lot. it was free. -- the tutoring helped me a lot. >> summer courses have become key. >> they offer courses that you may not be able to take during a certain semester, they offer it on the summer. that helps the graduation rate. >> freshmen are issued 2016 t- shirts and tassels with the hopes of motivating them to graduate on time. here is why they say more needs to be done. the credit -- graduation rate is 34%.
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>> it sounds like a great program. >> a record number of hoping cough cases. >> nine children dead. 2400 cases in washington. the possible reason behind it. >> the cancer survivor is fighting to compete in the iron man world championship. we will introduce you to this extraordinary athlete. >> often confused with a man wanted by federal authorities. we have more on that investigation. investigation.
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>> here is a look at what is happening. a brush fire continues to burn in queen anne's county. an investigation uncovered multiple marijuana plants. 24 homes were evacuated. the flames are contained but the weather has kept the fire from burning itself out. a better plane crashes in worcester county, killing the pilot. it happened for 11:00 a.m. this morning. the plane appeared to have engine trouble.
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the wing struck a large tree before crashing to the ground. the agony of the victim has not been released. investigation into the crash continues. the decision came today from a military judge who said juan mendez's words would be irrelevant. the issue will be dealt with next month. mendez the u.s. violated u.s. rules. manning was moved to a medium- security agency in 2011. >> purchases or -- pertussis or
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whooping cough is coming back. there have been more than 18,000 cases reported to the cdc. nine babies have died. eric edwards has more. >> people in the state of washington are rolling up their sleeves to get a whooping cough booster shot. there are more than 3000 cases. >> it is important that teenagers and all adults to get a booster shot. >> other states are seeing higher than normal activity according to the cdc. >> this is the largest number of cases we have seen since the 1950's. >> many of them are in 10-year- old who got the vaccine but have not received the booster shot recommended at 11. >> they are still susceptible
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despite having been vaccinated. >> there is another -- a number of high cases in teens. >> it looks like the protection is wearing off. we're not sure to what degree. >> the most vulnerable are those who are too young to be vaccinated. over half need to be hospitalized. >> we need -- almost had him baptized because we did not think he was going to make it. >> the cdc recommends all caretakers get a booster shot. treatingessive lly prostate cancer may not be the way to go. 700 men were trapped after there were diagnosed and it appears that surgery saved no more lives
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than watch awaiting. men who did have surgery were prices likely to report incontinence and impotence. she is a true iron woman of swords. one woman is fighting a year after being treated for cancer. she had surgery for pancreatic cancer, removing half of her pancreas, half for stomach, gallbladder, and part of her intestine. she entered a contest and made it to the final round where two people will be chosen to compete in the iron man this october. >> my husband says the doctors save my body and biking, swimming, and running and my support group out there save my soul. >> it would give her the victory
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she deserves. >> the contest inspired athletes who have overcome extraordinary situations. >> we have a few thunderstorms that there but there is no severe weather. we need the rain but we do not want the severe weather. we have a few showers out there. one of them is coming across parts of carroll county. the heaviest rain is heading into baltimore county up by 83. we have some showers down the i- 95 corridor. none of the severe just yet. they are dropping some beneficial rain. it is dry for the time being elsewhere. that switch over and take a look at the wide view. all line of stronger thunderstorms around charleston kamal west virginia to western pennsylvania.
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so far there are no watches or warnings associated with the storm line. the southern tip looks pretty strong said there is a severe thunderstorm watch ahead of that. they not issued any thing for western maryland. if it is not raining it will be at one point during the next couple of hours. we got the same front in the same position as yesterday. it was a hot day today. temperatures made it to the 90's. once that goes by, this will be the last day for a while that we're making it into the 90's. fiddes 90's at the airport. -- halper 90's at the airport. temperatures will drop back to the 70's in most areas.
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admixture of clouds and sunshine and a chance for showers and thunderstorms. the high temperatures in the mid-80's. we will stay below that 90 degree mark. watch out for lightning and variable winds at 10 knots. high tide is at 8:00 and six am -- 8:06 a.m. there might be a couple of leftover showers on saturday. with the jet stream dipping down in the south, it will be much cooler with highs in '83. -- around 83. there are some leftover rainshowers on saturday. most likely in the morning. most of the day will be dry. the high will be 83.
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lower on sunday. and i stay, 85 and overnight lows in the 60's. all the way through the seven- day, no 90's. >> a star athlete pulls out of the olympics. >> will tell you who and the reason for the withdrawal. >> climbing the stairs for 9/11 firefighters. that story is next.
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x firefighters from across the country are here for the firehouse expo. >> all the time is not just spend on training. a special event to remember the new york city firefighters who paid the ultimate price on 9/11. >> at the downtown hilton this morning, firefighters were suiting up for what would be a
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120 story stair climb. >> it is great to remember those who have fallen and make sure that there never forgotten. >> this is in honor of the 343 firefighters who lost their lives. firefighters were wearing pictures of some of those firefighters. >> he was with water no. 13. he was the uncle of my best friend who we serve together in the u.s. air force. >> i am walking for michael lynch. it is an important event to understand their sacrifice and not forget their sacrifice. >> of the stairs they went. flight after flight.
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they kept climbing, remembering those firefighters who on that terrible day climbed the stairs of the world trade center, trying to save lives. for some of those climbing, this is very personal. >> this is edward garrity, my best friend. dad and he died in the towers. >> they climbed appear to the 20th floor and took the elevator down and climb back up four more times. one firefighter said it best when he talked about the importance. >> today is something special. they climbed, we climb. we go home, they do not. >> we have breaking news on a
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car accident. >> milford mill road and glen rock. there are two units on the scene. baltimore county police is on the scene. they have shut down east and west bound milford mill road. >> an update to an i-team destination. >> it concerns a person concerned with someone else. was david letterman able to clear his name? -- david#f#f#f#f#f#f#f#f#f#f#f#f
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[ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: the new santa fe steak melts. get extra grande flavor with the santa fe steak & bacon melt or add egg for a santa fe steak, bacon & egg melt,
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perfect for breakfast or any time of day. subway. eat fresh. >> 11 news at five in hd continues now. >> his name is david levin. he shares n/a with someone wanted by federal authorities. has he been able to clear his name? we have an update. >> there has been some
5:31 pm
resolution. they figure that i am not that person, sort of. >> he knows what is like to be a wanted man. he discovered this when he was pulled over for a routine traffic stop and then detained by police. they told him there was at that stand and -- outstanding federal warrant for him. >> it is for counterfeiting and forgery. i said i have no idea what you're talking about. drexel local police did not have enough information to hold him and told him to contact a secret service but all he got from them was confirmation there was a warrant out for david levin. he got this passport and figured everything was fine. they got into canada, no problem. coming back, the scare of their lives of the border. >> i woke up because i am in the passenger side and i see
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officers running out and they're pulling their weapons and i looked at him and said, something is going down? aftersaid, they are coming bac may. >> there were surrounding our car. >> there were detained for two and a half hours. cautious about taking more troops outside the country but wanted to, they flew to the bahamas. there were detained. levin contacted 11 news and we contacted the secret service, there is an active federal warrant for david levin. he is most likely being confused with a russian national named evin. leaven he reached out to his elected
5:33 pm
leaders. >> congressman sarbanes office are the only people that were willing to help me. i reached out to the other two center is when they said since congressman sarbanes was working on that they did not want to get involved. >> congressman sarbanes office contacted a secret service and sent this letter. >> when your name appears before them as they want a person, they will update the taiex record that you are the good david levin and not the other person we're looking for. >> the russian national david levin and david levin share the same name and the same birthday. >> they have to check out the american david levin. he will still have to jump through hoops when traveling.
5:34 pm
quex in it to notify the agent who wrote the warrant of my whereabouts, my comings and goings and i have to give them my itinerary when i may or may not be coming into the country so i am not detained for as long as i have been. >> is the satisfactory? >> i am still being electronically my turn. i am telling them what i am doing, where i am going, who i am with, etc. >> he says it might not be a bad idea to have a talk with a fugitive. >> it would be nice to have a meet and agree with him, figure out what is white. -- what is what. >> the good david levin is not ruling out taking some sort of legal action.
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>> home sales and prices in maryland are trending upward. the governor and the city has a commissioner credited new state initiatives for spurring growth but one economist said it boils down to more demand for houses then available supply. baltimore city is seen the biggest gain in home values. morgan state takes a more aggressive corporate to improve its student retention rate. introduced a class for incoming freshmen that is aimed at preparing them for their first year and a graduate in four years later. there will follow up with their midterm grades and final grades and help them -- helping to guide them financially. >> a family is upset over the way tsa agents handled a woman's feeding tube.
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>> an athlete drops out of the london games. his reason next.
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[inaudible] >> a boat and tugboat started to take on water and both sang. it was carrying 2,000 gallons of diesel fuel. six people were rescued and no fuel had spilled. >> the family of the texas woman filed a complaint after the way the agency handled her feeding tube. she has a four-inch tube sticking out of her stomach and often has to travel to the mayo clinic. agents structure and checked the tube for explosives. she has a medical bracelet with digital copies of a doctor's
5:40 pm
note explaining her condition. >> rafael that all is pulling out of the olympics in his not in condition to repeat -- compete. he was said to be the flag bearer for spain. has not played since losing in the second round of wimbledon. way are your politics station. three recalls. >> a website is helping consumers decide which credit card company to is. >> president obama and mitt romney far apart on the map and on the issues. >> the students from morgan state university, this is 100%
5:41 pm
of their summer grade. what they're making next. >> we look at rain and cool down. here's a look at side from skyteam 11. temperatures are in the upper 80's @ lo 90's.
5:42 pm
>> when it comes to funding decisions, one of the most powerful people in the city government cannot legally or ethically vote. jack young is fighting to get his boat back. -- vote back. a surprising find where of
5:43 pm
forest fire forced evacuations. forest fire forced evacuations. forest fire forced evacuations. we gotta sell the car. where would we even start? get the car. hi howard. get in. hi, good to see you. start with an actual written offer when selling your car, no strings attached. carmax. start here.
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>> president obama, mitt romney, and their supporters were in full battle mode today. quex are voters tuned in to what they are actually sang? we have a report. >> president obama was in florida, mitt romney in massachusetts and there was a lot more than geography separating them. in florida, president obama was turning on the heat on mitt romney by reaching out to older and middle-class voters in a critical battleground.
5:45 pm
>> it is wrong to ask seniors to pay more in medicare so millionaires can pay less taxes. quex romney was highlighting an unexpected spike in unemployment claims. >> the job he is protecting his in his own. the job that should be protected is the jobs of men and women who want to get jobs, who want to go back to work, who want to have [unintelligible] their supporters were joining in. >> what is it in his tax returns that are so scary to mitt romney? >> democrats are releasing -- and demanding his release tax returns. quex were about his swiss bank accounts? >> they are blitzing nine battleground states with an ad accusing the president of distracting voters. >> the latest new york times
5:46 pm
poll shows them locked in a statistical dead heat. a new poll shows 54% believe romney should release his taxes. >> this is what we want to see on that radar. showers and thunderstorms without the severe weather. some rain across parts of baltimore county. some is coming down any pretty good clip. we have another one north of reisterstown. you have a good chance of getting a good soaking rain. it is not running at your house, there are some thunderstorms coming out of the mountains. this line of storms looks impressive on the radar.
5:47 pm
it might be severe. the strong tradition center -- storm prediction center has not issued any watches. it is below severe limits. we will see how all this develops. it should hold together. if it is not running at your house now, it likely will be at one point or another over two or three stories -- two or three hours. temperature-wise, we had another hot one. 95 degrees this afternoon, up to 96 at the airport. the normal high is 87. the record is 1 03 -- 103. yesterday was the first day that the average temperature started to go down. from 88 to 87. we're starting to decline. winter is around the corner. i guess winter is not just around the corner.
5:48 pm
90 in parks bill -- parkville. the forecast for tonight, cloudy skies and a chance for showers and thunderstorms. temperatures into the 70's. sunset 8:29 p.m., a sign that fall is right around the corner. we will take -- keeps the temperature is below 90 -- keeps the temperature is below 90. the next high tide is six minutes after 8:00 p.m. here is the forecast. the chance for rain at the beach friday and saturday. sunday looks like the best day. some of the rain on friday could be heavy.
5:49 pm
scattered showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. there will be some leftover showers on saturday. a 30% chance and it will be much cooler. the high-temperature only 83. sunshine on sunday, 85. we keep the temperature below 90. >> let's begin with three recalls, the first from honda, recalling small suv's and cars because the doors may not close. acura ilx from 2013. the inner door latch may not work. dealers will inspect the cars
5:50 pm
and fix them if needed. ford says anyone who owns a 2013 escape should not drive them right now because the engines could catch fire. this impacts more than the 11,000 vehicles sold. only models with 1.6 liter engines, built in april to july 11. the fuel lines can crack and leak. there have been no reports of injuries. ford will loan customers a car while it fixes the problem. the third recall is from panlon, usa. it is pulling their trampolines. no injuries reported so far. consumers should stop using them and contact the company to receive a replacement trampoline. a new federal website is designed to take complaints from
5:51 pm
people who are not happy with credit-card companies. they give you an idea of how many other people were having the same problems and if you need a new car, it might be a good place to start a search. there are some limits. >> when it comes to our credit cards, we're often slow to change. >> i stick to one credit card. >> how often do you change? >> once every 20 years. >> that does not mean we are always happy. they credit protection bureau lost their website -- launched a web site. >> you can go into the database and see the complaints that have been filed by other credit card users. >> the database breaks down the entries by bank, categories, the zip code, and more. there is no personal names used
5:52 pm
and only one line if it has been resolved not. this is not a complete report. >> is some information the users need to understand that it is not the full picture of the credit-card industry. >> it could encourage big banks to resolve more consumer complaints. >> no insurer -- issue were wants to be identified as having the most complaints. >> it may not be the first thing you want to look at if you are considering changing. >> i would check out the benefits. some have cash back. greece wants to have good security and i have security. >> none of that inflation is in the database. it shows the number one consumer complaint is billing disputes followed by interest rates, account cancellations, and reports. well is credit cards now, the
5:53 pm
debates could expand to include complaints about mortgages and other financial products. >> the bigger the bank, the more complaints they have against them because the issue the most cards. at the top, capital one followed by citibank, chase, and bank of america. >> talk about a surprise. the fishermen who jumped off his boat to go spearfishing when he came face-to-face with a great white shark. he climbed in the boat as fast as he jumped out. he managed to catch interesting video of the sharks circling the area of the spear fishing tournament. is the baltimore city president city on the sidelines? jack young says an ethics board ruling has tied his hands.
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>> architecture students are busy building a makeshift stage. >> it is made of shipping pallets. >> we see here is a work in progress. six credits worth of a summer class riding on their expense. their goal, to build a venue for a concert using shipping
5:57 pm
pallets. >> will have a main stage and two other stages for the public. people can dance and have fun and there is going to be tables and seating. >> the architecture students are using reclaimed materials to create a space called the roadhouse. a project on paper must adapt to reality. >> we realized this site has a slow. when we consider size, we realized the model and the design was on a flat surface. the challenge was to level each tower. >> they enjoy it, they were extremely hard. it builds what i'm most excited about, a sense of accountability and responsibility. >> irresponsibility because most of their projects never leave the classroom and that is what -- a sense of responsibility because most of their products never leave the classroom. >> a great way to see how old
5:58 pm
the design integrates with people. >> i've never been in this kind of project. this is really fun. >> we love it. he cannot wait for our escape and is ready to enjoy the roadhouse. >> we will enjoy the whole process. >> the road house has headline acts for every night of artscape. if you have a guitar and like the blues, you are invited to come down in a jam. >> was a great time in baltimore. here's a look at what is coming up @ 6. >> the city of the board -- ethics board put limits on a member. >> we will check the seven-day forecast. >> a fire investigation on the eastern shore leads to an interesting find. 11 news at 6:00 p.m. starts now. >> live, local, late-breaking.
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this is wbal tv 11 news at six. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> we are following some breaking is out of anne arundel county on the outer lips of 97. >> we're going to capt. roy taylor and skyteam 11. >> north side of the departure corridor until we figure out what is going on here. just to give you a heads up on what is going on. baltimore city police are up ahead. we are going to the south side of the departure corridor. >> he is trying to do to jobs and maintaining air. >> he is talking to police. we're on the west side of the corridor at this time. corridor at this time. >> he

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